Stamped Metal Tags, Engraved Metal and Plastic Tags, Printed Metal and Plastic Tags, Blank Metal and Plastic Tags, Branding Irons to Brand Wood and Plastics, Embossing Machines with Automatic Feeders to Mark Metals, Metal Stamping Equipment, Rubber Band Stamps, Rubber Ribtype Stamps, Numbering Machines, Printed Number Stickers, Inks to Mark All Types of Materials.

Core Competencies

  • Engraving
  • Branding Irons
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Stamped Metal Tags
  • Blank Metal and Plastic tags
  • Embossing Equipment
  • Metal Stamping Equipment
  • Printed Metal Tags


We are a family owned business since 1989. We have very little overhead and can provide labor at a much cheaper cost than most USA companies. We are made in the USA with quick turnarounds and low minimum orders. You will have a contact that you can reach by phone or email and expect a response within hours, not days. No 1-800 phone numbers or dealing with random people. Every customer has a dedicated contact person. Low costs, low minimums and quick turnarounds on completely customized items.

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